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  • Aerobic Trainer St. Albert

    Aerobic Training

    Unlike studio-based resistance training, aerobic coaching and training does not take place at Athletes Nation One in St. Albert, Alberta. Instead. we will give you a program and you will go off and do your workouts at a location of your choosing...

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  • Resistance Trainer St. Albert

    Resistance Training

    Studio-based resistance training takes place at Athletes Nation One in St. Albert, Alberta. In your program, you may be doing exercises that include body weight, all the bells (barbells, dumbbells, and kettle bells), benches, medicine balls, resistance bands, TRX straps ...

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  • In 2016 I had a goal. I wanted to become an ultra marathon runner. I enjoyed running but my body would not let me get to the distances that I wanted. I asked Brenda to make me a training program to help me to achieve that goal. My first race was the Deadmonton 6 hour ultra. My low goal for this race was 40km ...  Read More

    Shaun P.

    Fitness Trainer St. Albert
  • Over 3 years ago, I asked Brenda to help me get in shape for my WFX- fit test. The test is required for my job as a wildland firefighter, and I was worried that my poor level of fitness (due in large part to my sedentary, student lifestyle, and also because of back problems,) would lead to failure ...  Read More

    Carla H.

    Running Coach Edmonton

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