Angela W.

Author: Mock Webware |

Strength building.  Be strong.  Be stronger.  That’s how I feel right now after training with Brenda.  I have had many trainers over the years and this is the first time that I felt like I was training to build who I am. Brenda assessed me when we started working together to identify where I needed to focus, and then expertly created a plan to work on those areas.  She also explains everything so I understand them and can apply the lessons not only for training, but I translate it to how I walk up stairs, sit at my desk and be able to recognize when I need to see other services like physio, chiro, and massage.

Brenda trains whole body and also takes into account that physicality is only part of the picture, and that the mental aspect is important too.  She asks how I am, where I’m sore, and any challenges I have prior to our session.  At the end of each and every session, I feel like a successful better version of myself.  Not only am I WAY stronger than I was, I’m also able to train to further myself as an endurance athlete and feel good about running stupid long distances.

The moment I met Brenda, I saw greatness, and that’s what she trains people to be.  Sign up to speak with her.  Do it now before she gets completely booked up.