Shaun P.

Author: Mock Webware |

In 2016 I had a goal. I wanted to become an ultra marathon runner. I enjoyed running but my body would not let me get to the distances that I wanted. I asked Brenda to make me a training program to help me to achieve that goal. My first race was the Deadmonton 6 hour ultra. My low goal for this race was 40km and my high goal was 50km in the 6 hour stretch. I started running and quickly realized that all that training was paying off!  I blew past my high goal and ran 53.6km in 6 hours and actually WON THE RACE!! This gave me hope for my big goal.. The 125 km Canadian Death Race.

I continued to follow Brenda’s training program for the next few months and continued to get stronger and faster! I showed up in Grande Cache on race day very nervous.  I had never even come close to running 125km’s before, but once I started running I quickly realized that all that training was really paying off! Not only did I run 125km and finish the Canadian Death Race, but I was in an elite group as only 18% of racers had crossed the finish line! This inspired me to go farther!

I asked Brenda to make me another training program as I wanted to push myself even more. I wanted to try 100 miles! I signed up for Sinister 7 in Crowsnest Pass and began my training. Now this race tested every limitation that I had. Not only was it an insane distance over very tough terrain but it reached 42 degrees Celsius! Luckily heat training was a part of Brenda’s program  for me and I actually finished the 161km race!! And in very elite company as only 14% of runners had crossed the finish line! This is a moment of joy that I will NEVER forget!

If it hadn’t have been for Brenda, her support and her training programs I would not have been able to cross those finish lines. I would not have been able to push myself to limits that I never thought possible, and I would not have experienced the sheer joy of actually achieving my goals!! I am looking forward to our next adventure training for another 100 mile race in Utah this year!

Forever grateful, Shaun