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At Summit Coaching and Training, our purpose is to help our clients unlock their true physical abilities. Using the strategy of ‘build the house’ and our Corrective Exercise Specialist certification, we emphasize correct movement, core strength, and foundational exercises before we progress to sport-specific training.

Female Personal Trainer Brenda Shaughnessy offers:

  • Aerobic Training Edmonton

    Aerobic Training

    Unlike studio-based resistance training, aerobic coaching and training does not take place in person. Instead, we will give you a program and you will go off and do your workouts at a location of your choosing ...

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  • Resistance Training Edmonton

    Resistance Training

    Studio-based resistance training takes place at SVPT in Edmonton, Alberta. In your program, you may be doing exercises that include body weight, all the bells (barbells, dumbbells, and kettle bells), benches, medicine balls, resistance bands, TRX straps ...

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