Run Far

“I want to run an ultramarathon but I’m nervous and scared to attempt this. How far should I run each week? Should I crosstrain? How do I prevent injuries? How do I create a training schedule? What gear do I need? What do I eat and drink in the race? How much do I eat and drink? I have so many questions and am completely overwhelmed. I don’t even know where to start.”

“I tried to finish a race that pushed my limits, but I came up short and ran out of time. DNF. I tried again. DNF. I tried AGAIN. DNF. I don’t believe that I’ll ever be able to say that I crossed that finish line and that makes me feel like a failure. This will never happen because I’m not good enough to do it.”

“I want to test myself in a race that’s farther than I’ve ever run, but I don’t know how to change my training and I’m nervous to even try. Should I be running farther each week? How can I be fast enough to finish and avoid the DNF? My friend got injured in their training and I don’t want that to happen to me. I’m nervous and scared. Instead, I chose a distance I know can complete and I told myself that I’m happy with this. But am I?”

“I’ve been increasing my weekly mileage in my training because I set a really big goal. A stretch goal. But injuries have started to show up and have stopped my progress. I’ve spent a lot of money on physiotherapy treatments, but I keep having to go back. I couldn’t even start my goal race. My season feels like a failure and I’m jealous of my friends who ran and finished that race. I feel frustrated and discouraged. I’m THAT runner who’s always injured.”

“I want to run a race that’s farther than I’ve ever run, but it’s hard to find the time in my week to train because I have a full-time job that is stressing me out and I’m exhausted when I come home. I struggle with motivation to get out the door and run because it’s easier to sit on the couch and watch Netflix for two hours. And then I feel bad about myself for not just putting on my shoes and going for a run. I’m not good enough to do this.”

All of these problems are solvable!

We take the guesswork out of it by helping you see that you can do more than you think you can, by training your body and mind so you can cross your finish line.

Run Far is a program that works with you, beginning where you are right now. This program uses the following 5 pillars to help you progress from where you are now to where you want to be:

  1. Baseline and Roadmap
    • We take a snapshot in time of your fitness and movement and use this to create a roadmap to your desired destination
  2. Build the House
    • We use a “ground up” method, beginning with your foundation, to prepare your body to do the work
  3. Train the Brain
    • We use a group Mastermind to coach you on mindset to help you overcome the mental challenges that you will face when running an ultramarathon
  4. Test the Structure
    • We plan a simulation run prior to your race to test your gear, nutrition, hydration, and strategy. And then we do the ultimate test: race!
  5. Recover and Adjust
    • We do a detailed debrief after your race and adjust the roadmap to take you to your next goal

This program is available in-person or online.

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