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  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Personal Fitness Trainer

    I have been going to the gym for about a year and half now and started working out with Brenda about 8 months ago. I have started a new chapter in my life of doing obstacle runs for charity. Her creative and out of the box thinking has challenged me in ways a “typical” trainer wouldn’t have. I finally found myself looking forward to getting to the gym, which was difficult at times; the couch was so appealing after a long day at work. The more I learned about her story the more inspired I became to get fit and do things for myself. Her knowledge and excitement to train clients is like no other. Brenda is an inspiration!

    Melissa H.
  • Personal Fitness Trainer

    I am 63 years old and started training 3 times a week with Brenda last fall. Working with her I have increased my strength, balance and my overall health. Brenda is very knowledgeable about fitness and the human body. She’s friendly and explains things thoroughly. I appreciated being coached on the proper and safe way to perform exercises that met my needs. Brenda has also been sensitive to my physical abilities and paced my sessions to meet my needs. She has been patient, positive and has always encouraged me to move forward toward my goals. Simply put, Brenda is the best!!

    Judy W.
  • Personal Fitness Trainer

    Strength building.  Be strong.  Be stronger.  That’s how I feel right now after training with Brenda.  I have had many trainers over the years and this is the first time that I felt like I was training to build who I am. Brenda assessed me when we started working together to identify where I needed to focus, and then expertly created a plan to work on those areas.  She also explains everything so I understand them and can apply the lessons not only for training, but I translate it to how I walk up stairs, sit at my desk and be able to recognize when I need to see other services like physio, chiro, and massage.

    Brenda trains whole body and also takes into account that physicality is only part of the picture, and that the mental aspect is important too.  She asks how I am, where I’m sore, and any challenges I have prior to our session.  At the end of each and every session, I feel like a successful better version of myself.  Not only am I WAY stronger than I was, I’m also able to train to further myself as an endurance athlete and feel good about running stupid long distances.

    The moment I met Brenda, I saw greatness, and that’s what she trains people to be.  Sign up to speak with her.  Do it now before she gets completely booked up.

    Angela W.
  • Personal Fitness Trainer

    If you’re looking for a trainer that is dedicated to you achieving your goals, you should pick Brenda. Being an athlete herself, she understands the importance of goal setting and making sure that the goals set are achieved. Her commitment to seeing her clients always succeed surpasses any trainer I’ve ever had previously. She helped me recover from an elbow injury I had sustained, with my goal to do 10 push ups again from my toes. Over the 15 training sessions I had with her, I not only grew stronger in every aspect but by the end, I was able to do 12 pushups from my toes, with no problem. Brenda is a truly dedicated trainer with her client’s best interest at heart. If you want to reach your goals and have a trainer that will push you to your limits, then I’d pick Brenda hands down.

    Jenn M.
  • Personal Fitness Trainer

    Over 3 years ago, I asked Brenda to help me get in shape for my WFX- fit test. The test is required for my job as a wildland firefighter, and I was worried that my poor level of fitness (due in large part to my sedentary, student lifestyle, and also because of back problems,) would lead to failure. She sat down with me and came up with an intuitive plan. Using exercise and nutrition, she explained what would be necessary. She worked with my crazy schedule, and was there with me every step of the way…. literally. We did a lot of stairs! The workouts and lifestyle changes were challenging, but so is the fit test. With her unwavering support, I got in shape and passed the test! The job is seasonal, and so when the same issue came up the following two years, she was right there with me again, and again. I am incredibly grateful to have her in my life, and for everything that she has done for me. I love my job, and I could not have done it without her. Brenda is an amazing coach and trainer because of her intense determination. She is the type of person that can, and does, make anything happen. This is because she digs in to everyskill and piece of information within her reach, and then never gives up.

    Carla H.
  • Personal Fitness Trainer

    In 2016 I had a goal. I wanted to become an ultra marathon runner. I enjoyed running but my body would not let me get to the distances that I wanted. I asked Brenda to make me a training program to help me to achieve that goal. My first race was the Deadmonton 6 hour ultra. My low goal for this race was 40km and my high goal was 50km in the 6 hour stretch. I started running and quickly realized that all that training was paying off!  I blew past my high goal and ran 53.6km in 6 hours and actually WON THE RACE!! This gave me hope for my big goal.. The 125 km Canadian Death Race.

    I continued to follow Brenda’s training program for the next few months and continued to get stronger and faster! I showed up in Grande Cache on race day very nervous.  I had never even come close to running 125km’s before, but once I started running I quickly realized that all that training was really paying off! Not only did I run 125km and finish the Canadian Death Race, but I was in an elite group as only 18% of racers had crossed the finish line! This inspired me to go farther!

    I asked Brenda to make me another training program as I wanted to push myself even more. I wanted to try 100 miles! I signed up for Sinister 7 in Crowsnest Pass and began my training. Now this race tested every limitation that I had. Not only was it an insane distance over very tough terrain but it reached 42 degrees Celsius! Luckily heat training was a part of Brenda’s program  for me and I actually finished the 161km race!! And in very elite company as only 14% of runners had crossed the finish line! This is a moment of joy that I will NEVER forget!

    If it hadn’t have been for Brenda, her support and her training programs I would not have been able to cross those finish lines. I would not have been able to push myself to limits that I never thought possible, and I would not have experienced the sheer joy of actually achieving my goals!! I am looking forward to our next adventure training for another 100 mile race in Utah this year!

    Forever grateful, Shaun

    Shaun P.